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"And when the dust settles....she don't!"

"Heeled" was designed as an outlet to recharge and empower the everyday woman. This sexy step by step course is guaranteed to bring out the Alpha in any female! A woman's duties are never done, so "Heeled" gives women a chance to step away from the everyday norm and recharge in her own space. Dancing releases stress, anxiety, and depression. While promoting positive energy, happiness, and relief. No children, no men, no judgment! Just women, empowering women, and having fun while doing it! One of the number one things that make women feel sexy is...high heels! Slip out your everyday scrubs, slides, and tennis shoes and slip into your inner sexy. 

Have you been "Heeled" by Meme?

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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  MeMe found her love for dancing at a very early age.  From dancing just because, to dancing to compete, cheer, and teach.  With over 20 years of experience she has multiple achievements in dance competitions, choreography, and leadership.  

Dancing has been a part of her identity since she was a kid.  It allowed her to be free, creative and fearless.  As a child, she begins to choreograph dances for her sisters.   At age 9 Me-Me won her 1st dance contest.  It propelled her to try other forms of dance.   In school she joined cheerleading and various dance teams.  Outside of school she was the 1st person on the dance floor at parties.  She encouraged others to express themselves through dance. It wasn’t about being perfect it was about being confident.

After giving birth she struggled to maintain a healthy weight.  That caused her to develop diabetes.  To reverse her diabetes, she explored multiple workout routines.  She found dancing to be the most enjoyable.   During a difficult time in her life, dancing allowed her to find herself again.  When asked how dancing inspired her, she said, “I had to remember how dancing made me feel free and comfortable in myself”.  Dancing allowed her to see better results in her health, confidence and energy.  “I can do what I love, while exercising and without getting tired.  It’s the win, win for me!”  MeMe’s main goal is to inspire other women to find themselves, build confidence, and find an outlet through her “HEELED” class.  Have you been “HEELED” yet?


H E E L E D 2021

All 4 Classes for $65

Public Classes

Private Classes



-up to 16 private guest

-personalized choreography 

-your choice of music

-erotic / sexy scenery

-lap dance style option

-complimentary wine

-complimentary water & snacks

-professional recap video + $50