"Who's winning? The "you" that you aspire to be? Or the "you" that you have been?"



Each of our minds works like an electronic battery. It gives us the power to function in many different areas while draining itself in the process. After so much usage our "batteries" began to lose its charge, and if a battery is dead; it can no longer function until it is recharged. Our minds, just like a battery; works the exact same way. We live in a world where keeping our electronic devices charged is a must! So why not do the same with your mind? EDEN LTC specializes in mental fitness training, mediation, meditation and mindfulness events designed to recharge the minds internal battery and bring our minds functionality back to 101%. In such a hectic constant running world, we all need an outlet to recharge. Or our functionality will began to decrease up until the point where we fully lose our internal charge. If something doesn't function properly, it can't operate properly or smoothly. We experience lost functionality when we feel restless, emotional, unorganized, anxious, worn-out, stressed, aggressive, irritable, overextended, exhausted, stuck, trapped, non-motivated, fatigue, and many more. When we feel these things, our minds are screaming for a recharge. We all have different outlets, that soothes, or makes us feel better for a while. But sometimes those outlets becomes distractions, and we lose sight of our actual purpose. We specialize in providing healthy outlets  for our consumers to recharge through our trainings, mediations, meditations, and mindfulness events. 


Black Buddha


"You have two choices: 

to control your mind,

or to let it control you."

You vs. You

How do you recognize the level between I think I'm playing hard, and I'm playing as hard as I can?


"It's about identifying it at the start. You'll play an opponent on their home floor and they'll jump out to a quick start, because they're excited about it, they're playing with desperation, and the crowd is behind them. With experience, you can recognize the energy level that they're playing with. Then you raise yours! Now you stay in the ball game and chip away at it. Thats how you do it!"  


- Kobe Bryant

Structure & Organization

When acting off of instinct, we react too quickly. Meaning our minds produce reactions without processing intake. We underestimate the true power of our minds. So with that, we underestimate our true opponent; ourselves.

"Without discipline; we can solve nothing.

With some discipline; we can solve some things.

But with total discipline; we can solve everything." 

"Be not conformed to this world; but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

"Act with purpose and intent.

Organize your thoughts, and structure your speech."

Lifestyle Mission

Control and remain in control, of your own mind. Be kind, and be pure with your actions, your words, and your thoughts. Feed, preach, and learn from your faith. Be confident in you, be confident in your actions, be confident in your mind-set, and be confident in your faith. Do not look to judge, for it is out of character. Remain focused. Be humble. Talk less, and listen more.



Stay In Tune.



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"there's always a different way to go about it."

-A. Crews